What now the future of recruitment?

Traditional recruitment is undeniably facing a huge number of significant challenges. With advances in technology and in particular the gathering pace of Social Media, the opportunities for employers and employees to engage with an ever widening pool of prospective candidates are enormous. Therefore we might argue that recruiters have an opportunity to continue to evidence value to clients with our ability to cut through the numbers and provide a well thought through, pre – screened shortlist to clients.

Does this happen? From the feedback I receive from customers, increasingly this isn’t the case. Technology has seen recruitment become an ever more transactional experience for customers and many recruiters as a result are relinquishing accountability in the process. The contents of a database are unleashed at a customer via email; they do the screening and are then sent a bill for the privilege of doing the work. They are right to question the value in this process.

From a candidate perspective the experience is in many cases equally as poor. Come in, fill out a form and we will find you a job. In principle, commendable and it is this service that we are here to provide. Ever more so in an environment of rapidly rising unemployment. However, shouldn’t our raison d’être be to find the right job for the candidate as opposed to attempting to shoe horn them in to a post just simply to generate a fee? I may be accused of looking at life through somewhat rose tinted specs, but too often the major impact a new job has on peoples lives or alternatively a new hire has on a business is overlooked and the need to generate fees takes priority over the needs of candidate and client.

I love the recruitment industry. I love the fact that as a recruiter we change people’s lives (and if not careful not always for the better). I love the fact that every candidate that I meet has a unique set of skills, aspirations, talents and personality traits, that every company we meet has a differing culture, vision, set of values and strategies. However unless we recognise as an industry the impact we have on so many through our behaviour the value we can generate for customers will continue to be questioned. We have an important role to play in ensuring the global economy rises out of recession fast through our inability to unearth and deliver talent to the workplace to enable people and businesses to thrive. That focus should be on engendering long term working partnerships based on ensuring best fit for all, not just any fit at all.



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2 responses to “What now the future of recruitment?

  1. Hi Lee,

    Nice article. And yes, like you I got into this business because I truly love being a recruiter and helping folks find a job that fits with their goals and interests.

    I also agree with the fact that this is not always the “standard” in our industry. It amazes me when a candidate tells me that they haven’t even met with an agency yet their resumes are being sent to potential clients. Not to mention all the constant times they are sent positions that are not even close to what they had registered for. I call that “assembly line recruiting :-)”.

    So let us all continue to do our part and commit to “engendering long term working partnerships based on ensuring best fit for all, not just any fit at all.” as you so eloquently stated.


    • Thanks for the kind words Judith, much appreciated. Always great to engage with another like minded professional. My sense is that there is a real opportunity out there for those of us focused on the customer need and adding value and are keen to truly stand out from the crowd. Good luck to you and I hope that business remains strong.
      My very best


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