Employer Brand (Its not just about the ones we want)

Recruitment is too often a knee jerk reaction to circumstances.  An unexpected resignation and the pressure is on to get a replacement in fast.

I understand entirely why the love and attention is expended therefore on the ones that we really want.    However, failing to treat the ones that you don’t want in the right way and the negative impact on your brand can be extremely damaging without you even knowing it.

Research from SHL, the talent assessment and solutions provider evidenced 49% of UK candidates as having “a negative perception of an organisation following an unsuccessful job application“.  Imagine the impact on revenues if nearly half of your customers had a negative perception of your organisation?

From the SHL survey nearly one in five had been through a bad recruitment experience and stopped doing business with the company as a direct result.  Could any of us afford to lose 20% of our customers?

It is critical to treat people applying to your organisation, regardless of how you might feel about the application, with the respect they deserve.  It is incredibly easy with technology to acknowledge an application.  What’s more, you can use such an acknowledgement to manage the candidates expectations.  For example,

“Thank you for your application.  We are currently in the process of reviewing our response.  Should you not hear from us by 1st July 2010 then regrettably you will not have been successful in being shortlisted.  Thank you once again for your interest”

Such a response takes seconds and can be automated at ease.  What does this say about your organisation?  You care about people, you value your customers?

None of us has any clue that the job application has come from the husband of our biggest customer, the wife of the person who is contemplating a huge order with us.  It may be the daughter or son of the Managing Director of the organisation that is just about to sign a contract to take your business global.  To not even acknowledge a communication to your business is lazy and rude.

Similarly with interview feedback.  I am appalled by just how many organisations are slow to return feedback or even worse never bother to give feedback at all.  Again, what image does such behaviour present of your company and its culture, how it views people.  The statistic about bad experiences was I believe as follows;

Have a good experience tell four people, have a negative experience tell 12.

This of course is compounded.  With the web I would imagine this statistic is dead in the water.  I can go online and rant about my poor experience of a company and in seconds the world will know.  There is nothing that you can do about it unless you respond in an appropriate manner.

Again technology can be applied to solve this and has great impact on the strength of your brand.  A short note to acknowledge that the candidate has not been successful takes seconds and does not have to go in to any detail.  Its an opportunity to communicate with someone who can have a positive influence on your brand.   Don’t underestimate it.

Any communication in and out of your business is critical to the strength of your brand.  Think about how you interact with your applicants.  Don’t forget the ones you don’t want.  You just don’t know who they know and the influence that relationship might have on your future.


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