How great leaders inspire action

Everything in life stems from why.  If you absolute and clear understanding as to why you want to achieve something and can communicate the way with clarity and specificity so that it becomes compelling, the what and the how is the easy part.

You can apply this to the job search or the hiring process.  For the job seeker, having absolute clarity as to why an organisation should hire you is critical.  Having absolute understanding as to why you want to pursue a specific career path makes it compelling, it gives you purpose, focus.

The same is true for the hiring manager.  Really understand why you need to hire (it isn’t because someone just resigned and you have a vacant post to fill).  Make the reason someone should join your company compelling.  People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  This is the key to making great hires.  Understand this and your organisation will flourish.  Simon Sinek explains in this excellent TED production.

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