Kyle Clarke Job Search Genius!

The only constant is change.  For some, change is scary, for others it’s exciting.

Right now we are living through the scariest and yet most exciting of times.  It used to be said that if you always do what you always did, you would always get what you always got.  My sense is that in many cases this is no longer the case.  The rulebook is being ripped up.  The old ways of doing things are being challenged.  Disruptive methods and technologies are challenging our assumptions and expectations and our comfort zones are being stretched daily.

Never is this more evident than in the jobs market.  It’s a scary place.  How an earth can you make sense of it all?  How can you use the multitude of platforms and routes to market to reach out to those people who will have a positive effect on your career?

How do you stand out?

Your CV alone is no longer enough.  You are a brand.  You need to sell yourself relentlessly online and offline.  You need to step outside your comfort zones, to stretch them daily to get to where you want to go if you want to succeed.  Nowhere have I seen a better example of this than in this campaign by 2010 UK Graduate Kyle Clarke.

It’s brilliant.

Innovative, purposeful, confident, bold.  Kyle epitomizes the initiative, get up and go self-starting attitude that you need to succeed. Be inspired by him.  Take the initiative.  Be different.  Go Kyle!


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