We elected you, what are you doing to help us?

Unemployment in the Eurozone is 10%.  In the US 9.6%, the UK 7.8%.  Do you know what the means in terms of the number of people out of work?  I did the maths.  Its frightening.  Clearly this is why politicians talk in percentages.  The actuals do not make for pretty reading.

50 million people in the Eurozone are unemployed!

30 million people in the United States are unemployed!

Nearly 5 million people in the UK are unemployed!

What about the wider world?  According to the International Labour Organisation, in 2009 the number of people on the planet out of work was 212 million!

212 million employable people without a job.  That is an outrage.

What is being done about it?

Everywhere we look governments are talking about deficit reduction.  The cuts have yet to come.  Unemployment will rise and yet I hear no talk, no innovation, no ideas, no strategy about creating jobs.  Many a politician espouses the virtues of job creation and yet nobody seems to be putting forward any suggestion , (let alone a sensible one), as to how what specific schemes or ideas they propose that will help people get back to work.

That is because they are clueless.  They are out of touch with the real world, far removed from their constituents, in cosy offices with cosy benefits.  They don’t know how to create jobs because they have never had to.  We are paying them.  We elected them.  (We are, therefore, not entirely blameless).  That aside, what are they doing to help?

It is time to engage business.  Business has the answer, not politicians.  I am not talking about paying lip service with cosy committees and advisory panels.  I mean really engage business.  Are any politicians asking businesses what they need to create jobs?  If you are asking, are you really listening to the answer?  Are you taking specific action?

Engage with business, big and small, before it’s too late.  Sure it was business that got us in to this mess in one form or another but it will be business and not politicians that lead us out.  Politicians need to create the environment, the conditions, that will encourage businesses to start to invest once again.  It is that reinvestment that will create jobs.

One person out of work, who wants and is willing to work, is one person too many.  212 million is a travesty.  Do something and do it now.  Your lack of action is unforgivable.


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