The Chilean Miners – a testimony to the Human Spirit

I am sat at my desk this morning watching the morning news.  One by one, Chilean Miners are re – appearing from 622 meters below the earths surface where they have been trapped for the last 69 days.  I am struck as I watch by the incredible things people are capable of when faced with life threatening adversity.  It is an extraordinary human drama and frankly its inspiring.

Can you possibly imagine what it must be like to be trapped underground for 69 minutes let alone 69 days with 32 of your work colleagues?  Accepting the life or death nature of the circumstances, the camaraderie, spirit, determination, teamwork, respect for one another, just the ability to keep cool and to get along in such trying circumstances is an incredible testimony to the strength of the human spirit.

What about the rescue effort?  Just about everything a business needs to succeed is evidenced in the success of the rescue.  Clearly you have a problem that must be solved, innovation, creativity and brain power is required to make it succeed.  There is no room for power grabbing or silo building.  Ego must step aside.  Collaboration and team work is essential.  Witness leadership, delegation, project management, recruitment, talent management, logistics, operations, efficient and effective process and systems, health and safety, inspiration on a grand scale.  Those involved have a compelling purpose, to save lives.  Chileans should be bursting with pride this morning.

There are many examples where the strength of Human Spirit has achieved exceptional things in the face of absolute, horrifying circumstances.  The Asian Tsunami, The Earthquakes in Haiti, 9/11, July 7 bombings in London, the list is too long.  I wish it weren’t.  Natural or man-made disasters, we are truly capable of the most amazing things.   This morning I am proud of so many things about this race of ours.  This morning I am humbled.  This morning I am inspired.


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