Never burn your bridges.

Never burn your bridges.  You never know when you might just need to cross back over them.

When the day comes that you leave your job, regardless of whether it’s of your own volition, there are ways to go about it.  Like all things, there are right ways and there are wrong ways.  Tempting though it may be to tell your Boss exactly what you think of them (and often hugely satisfying!) at all times retain your dignity and professionalism.  You just never know when that person might re – appear in your life and under what circumstances.

Never trash a former employer publicly.  I am not talking about criticising, I am talking about trashing.  Sure, tell your friends over dinner.  Just don’t tell them over Facebook.  Think about how a potential new employer will view your public rant at your former Boss?

They may end up joining your new employer themselves in the future.  They may end up on the other side of the desk in a sales pitch and you may have to close them to secure a life changing deal.  They may end up running your biggest customer.  They may end up as the Hiring Manager in a company you are desperate to work for in the future.  They may end up teaching your kids in school.

The fact is that they will end up somewhere you don’t want or need them to be.  Never underestimate just how small this world of ours is.  Keep your dignity no matter how trying the circumstances.  Keep your professionalism, keep your poise, keep your temper.   Walk away with your head held hight and your future reputation intact.  Never burn your bridges.  You may never want to go back, but all around you other people are going forward.

This is how to quit your job-from an AOL photo editor. Great video!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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