Time now to focus on the long term

Business in the West is all about now.  It’s all about today, tomorrow, this month, this quarter.  It is all about what you can do today to have a positive effect on this months numbers, this quarters numbers, this years return to shareholders.  It’s not healthy.  Long term gain is compromised for the sake of the quick win.  It requires people to work longer hours, to get more done in increasingly shorter periods of time.  This is not about being more productive, about making better use of our time, but about squeezing more in to an already crammed schedule.  Technology has made us all more readily available.  As a consequence the lines between work and home become ever more blurred.

China thinks not in days, months, quarters or even years.  China thinks in dynasties.  There rise to economic powerhouse has been planned and in the making for years.  It is built on strong, sustainable foundations that will protect the long-term interests of the nation.  I am not suggesting that the Chinese Economy is not susceptible to the usual peaks and troughs that the rest of us suffer from.  However there is much we can learn from focusing on long-term, sustainable growth built over decades, not quarters.

We have survived.  The world did not end in 2008.  Sure, changes needed to be made, balance sheets repaired, costs cut.  People have suffered.  Now it is time to focus on rebuilding, re – investing. re – inventing.  We need to change the way we think.  We need to think long-term, to plan long-term, to invest long-term if we are to see sustained economic prosperity that delivers jobs, health, balance and wealth for all.


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