Google – doing evil?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently announced that all employees would get a 10% pay rise next year along with $1,000 holiday bonuses.  There are other pay incentives announced that are equalling as exciting for Google Employees.  So why all the bad press?

Google have been accused of buying loyalty.  They have been accused of taking the easy option with respect to employee engagement.  After all how difficult can it be to implement an across the board 10% increase to all.  Not much thought went in to that.  They are not working hard enough to understand that people are individuals, they have different motivations, drivers, ambitions, aspirations and frankly reasons for turning up each day.  All of which of course is true, but are you trying to tell me that a 10% across the board pay increase in such challenging times is a bad thing?

People go to work for an enormous range of reasons.  To earn a living is a significant part of this.  Google makes enormous profits, employs huge numbers of people in lots of countries, contributes vast amounts to the public coffers in taxation.   To recognise that profitability is impacted in equal measure by all within an organisation, to forego an element of profitability and feed that back to those that contributed, to allow every one of its employees to enjoy a 10% increase in income and potentially as a consequence standard of living should be applauded, very loudly.


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