Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

A follow-up from my post from Tuesday this week

Relocate, or wither and die on the corporate vine

The sense that a global perspective is an essential quality for Business Leaders in 2010 is further endorsed by a report out this week from Regus Consultancy.

Relocating, in particular to emerging markets, is considered by 80% of Executives surveyed as being “essential” for those who aspire to climb  the corporate ladder.  40% of those companies surveyed plan to send staff overseas over the course of the next five years, in particular to Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Very few companies will openly promote the idea to employees that a move overseas is a necessary part of career progression.  What is clear is that ambitious employees will study how the company makes promotions and draw their own conclusions.   They will look to the experiences of their role models and conclude that to reach the C – suite in a multi – national organisation, experience of working in other countries and cultures is essential.

Why wouldn’t it be.  Business is global.  To survive, indeed to thrive, you need to understand the needs of your customers.  Your customers are global, mobile and flexible.  Different cultures have different needs, buying habits, product and service requirements.  We live in a multi – cultural world.  Globalisation has happened.  For many businesses the drivers of growth are in emerging markets.

Talent is not defined by border or culture.  Talent will move from East to West, from West to East.  The more experience business leaders from all cultures have then the better for us all.  The enriched experience for the individual can only be a good thing.  Greater ties, links, jobs, wealth creation, opportunities exist for all.


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