What does it take to manage a global company successfully?

What does it take to run a global company?

Just KISS!

The acronym Keep It Simple, Stupid wins every time, makes such perfect sense, is so easy to understand yet all too often gets missed. Running a global entity requires simplicity of vision and mission and a compelling purpose.  Add a serious dose of clarity, honesty, integrity, consistency and relentless commitment to delivery and you have just some of the ingredients required.

Oh, and no little talent, a razor sharp intellect, the ability to inspire people to produce great results, huge energy and stamina, a body clock to astound the most learned Doctor and an incredible work ethic.

Up for it?

Richard Cousins is CEO of Compass, the worlds largest contract food service, serving over 4 billion meals annually in over 50 countries. He gives us his insight in to just what is required to run a global company in this interview from http://www.dailytelegraph.co.uk

[vodpod id=Video.4963125&w=425&h=350&fv=embedCode%3DVlMnR0MTpn4cyJ-hVR_ifahPmrHnyRvT%26amp%3Bautoplay%3D1%26amp%3BoffSite%3Dtrue%26amp%3BshowTD%3Dtrue%26amp%3BthruParamDartEnterprise%3Dsite%253Dbusiness%2526section%253Dbusiness%2Ffinancevideo%2526pt%253Dvid%2526pg%253D%2Ffinance%2Ffinancevideo%2F8137131%2FRichard-Cousins-management-advice-from-Compass-Group-CEO.html%2526spaceid%253Dvid%2526ls%253Df%2526transactionID%253D1011220722590785%2526psize%253D620x415%2526view%253Dviral]



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