Recruiting and retaining talent in tough times

An interesting perspective on the value of great people to an organisation came from a customer of mine recently.  This particular CEO and his HR Director proudly showed me round their new production facility that had harnessed some of the most leading edge technology in their field.

I commented (with my usual lack of technical insight) on how incredibly impressive the new set up was.  The response from the CEO said much about this particular organisations attitude to people.

“The machinery is nothing without great people.  Take the people away, the machinery will sit idle.  Take the machinery away and the people will go out and find new machinery and new ways to ensure our customers get what they need”.

It’s an obvious point, but this CEO really lives out this view in his actions every day.  I could see it not only in his comments but in his interaction with the other employees as we toured the site that morning.

Unsurprisingly this particular employer has little issue with attracting and retaining great people, despite the many challenges facing them in their market place.  The attitude from the top is prevalent throughout the organisation.

Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself.  Create a great vision, give a compelling purpose, be honest, frank and open.

It is not just people, but the right people who are an organisations greatest asset.  So how do you go about attracting and retaining the talent you need to flourish in tough times?

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2 responses to “Recruiting and retaining talent in tough times

  1. Javed Barkatullah

    Kudos to this CEO and HR director who understand the value of human capital! Graet business begins with great people, not great technology. Unfortunately, we are in a time where people increasingly considered dispensible.

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