Should or must?

Did you make any New Years resolutions?

Are you passionately, wholeheartedly committed to seeing them through?  How many are on your list because you know them to be things that you should do rather than what you must do?

All the while you are acting upon something that you know you should do it is unlikely to become reality.  As soon as it becomes a must, your chances of success will improve dramatically.  Take your job search.

If you know that your career needs a boost, that you should speak with your Boss about the opportunities that exist in your company, about that promotion, those new objectives, the future, are you likely to go about that conversation with the same vigour, focus and concentration than if it were an absolute must?

If you feel you should move jobs this year how do you rate your chances of success?  How will your chances improve if you feel you absolutely must move jobs this year?

Things move from should to must for a million different reasons.  Each reason will be specific to you and your circumstances.  If you fancy a change, it is unlikely you will.  If you must make a change, you can be sure you will.

What must you do in 2011?  I mean really must do.  Why must you do it?  If you can answer these questions then your chances of reaching the end of the year with a tick sheet full of positive changes is a strong one.  Good luck!


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