Green Shoots for Graduates

A report out this morning from the Association of Graduate Recruiters shows significant improvement in the Graduate Jobs market.  The survey of 200 employers evidences an 8.9% increase in graduate jobs in 2010 for the first time since the recession.  That trend is expected to continue in 2011 with a predicted 3.8% increase on 2010.

It is still an employers market, as evidenced by the median average salary for Graduates remaining fixed at £25000 per annum for the second year in a row.  That is expected to remain at this level in 2011, an unprecedented third year in a row that this number has remained static.

Despite the fact that salaries remain static, there is still much by way of discrepancy between sectors.  The best starting salaries for Graduates remain Investment Banking, offering an average starting salary of £42,000.

If you want to get ahead once you graduate evidence is yet further increasing of the value of work placements.  Ernst and Young recently highlighted more than one-third of its latest graduate came from those who had undertaken internships with the firm.

“In this tough jobs market, getting access to these placements is absolutely invaluable for young people, because it is increasingly a foot in the door to a future career.” Microsoft.

As the war for the very best future talent hots up, there is increasing evidence that employers are looking to form links with the most talented stars of tomorrow whilst they are still at University.

All this is reported as if it might be a new phenomenon.  It isn’t.  Getting ahead has always been about putting yourself out, sticking your hand up, volunteering, pushing yourself forward and doing what you need to do to succeed.  Internships are not new.  Work experience is not an invention of the modern age.

Employers have always wanted people who are prepared to do above and beyond the norm, who are prepared to make personal sacrifices to evidence their commitment, motivation, talent and skills.  Anything that can give you an edge in a crowded market is clearly a positive.  Expect to see the trend for internships continue.  I for one applaud their return.



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2 responses to “Green Shoots for Graduates

  1. Another interesting piece Lee thanks. It’s now going to my son at Uni and Twitter. Cheers.

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