When it’s time to go, move on. Career lessons from Fernando Torres.

For months I have watched Fernando Torres body language.  He looked dis – engaged, disenchanted, de – motivated, defeated.  He is a wonderful footballer, a superstar of the beautiful game.  He is adored by hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.  For Liverpool fans he has, along with Steven Gerrard, been thought of as the man who would bring the glory days back to a club steeped in history as the most successful in the English national game.  It never happened.

Torres is a huge talent.  Yet everything about him suggested he didn’t want to be there.  He was in a job he loves with an employer he didn’t because he he was not fulfilled, unable to realise his ambitions.

In recent months he did little to contribute to ensuring those ambitions could even come close.  Football is a team game.  Resentment amongst colleagues, no matter how big a reputation you may enjoy, soon starts to build if you are not pulling your weight.  It was obvious his mind was elsewhere.  It was time to go.

Life is just too short to hang around.  The majority of us spend more of our waking time at work than doing anything else.  If you are unhappy, move on.  Move on before it becomes to late, move on your own terms, don’t wait for someone to move you on theirs.  My sense is that we will now see a revitalised Fernando Torres, much to the delight of Chelsea Fans and the chagrin of the red half of Merseyside.  It matters not how talented you are, if you are in the wrong place, your form will suffer.

Don’t let that happen to you.  If you are unhappy, take action.  It might be a move internally, it might be a discussion with your Boss, but do something.  Be professional, be dignified, hold your head high and take action.  You have a choice.  When it’s time to go you know.  Don’t leave it to late.


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