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No regrets

What is failure?  Among the dictionary definitions can be found the following ;

“non – performance of something due, required or expected”.

If you want to make a change, if you need to make a change, consider this.  The failure is in not acting, in not making the change, in not following through.  You follow through and things don’t quite work out as you would have wished, try again.

The failure is in not taking the leap, not the leap itself or the repercussions.  If you try something and it doesn’t work out as you wished, learn from the experience and try again.  At least you tried.  That should make you proud.

Consider this from Napoleon Hill

“All achievements, all riches earned, have their beginning in an idea.”

If you have an idea that’s really eating you up, act on it.  See it through.

Need to change your career?  Act on it.  Have an idea for a business?  Act on it.  What’s the worse thing that can happen?  That you wake up one day and think “if only”.  No regrets.  Make the change.


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Jay-Z – From the street to the boardroom.

I am inspired by people who have been prepared to have a go, people who have evidenced incredible self belief, persistence, tenacity, passion, in the most trying of circumstances.  Those who know that not trying is a failure in itself.

Shawn Carter is one such source of inspiration.  Better known as American Hip Hop star Jay-Z, Carter is one of the most successful artists and entrepreneurs in America.  In 2009 his net worth was $150 million.  He has sold 50 million records worldwide, received ten grammy award nominations, co – owns The 40/40 Club, The NBA’s New Jersey Nets and is the creator of clothing label Rocawear.  He has been CEO of Def Jam Recordings, one of the three founders of Roc-A-Fella Records and the founder of Roc Nation.  All this by the age of 40.

He grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn.  There was no silver spoon in the Carter Household.  This is someone who received no favours, sought no entitlement.  This is someone who fought hard for what he believed in, knew what he was passionate about and chased hard, hustled to succeed.  Sure he had some scrapes along the way but through sheer determination, no little talent and a sharp mind he has achieved incredible things.

Think of the thousands of people who have benefit both directly and indirectly from Entrepreneurs.  The jobs that are created, the contribution to the wider economy through the vision and persistence of just one person.  We have much to be thankful for that they exist.

Success is measured in many different ways.  It means different things to different people.  All of us can learn from the experiences of others.  Persistence, tenacity, determination, passion, drive, a desire to better yourself, to do better for others, they are all qualities that you need to be successful in your chosen path.

Carter’s message is a simple one.  Stay true to yourself and that which you believe and go for it.  I for one am with him all the way.

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