You can’t poke, tweet or email a handshake

Never a truer adage when looking for a job not what but who you know.  Your network is key to a successful job search strategy.   Growing your network has never been easier.   Social media has taken care of that.

No matter how extensive your virtual network, no matter how advanced and extensive your use of technology, nothing beats good old-fashioned face time.  Pressing the flesh, shaking hands, eyeballing, getting up close and personal, this is how and when things happen.

Whilst building your network online is certainly of value, building your network in the good old-fashioned way is still the best way to real results.

You can’t email a handshake.  It will cost you, time, shoe leather, cups of coffee, a round of sandwiches, dinner, a glass or two, some good questions, lots of listening and conversing, following up, staying in touch, but make the investment.  Get out from behind the desk, get away from the screen and get in the room.  It might just change your life.



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4 responses to “You can’t poke, tweet or email a handshake

  1. Well, here are 2 ways of looking at that….Our business in the UK is internet based and our recruiters all work from home, (one of them based in Rome) therefore they cannot visit clients, however we are on the PSL’s of all of the top healthcare companies in the UK. These relationships have taken time to build and have been achieved not by visits, but by providing a back to basics, no fuss, no frill approach, low fees and high levels of service. Basically we have had to prove ourselves to get “in”.
    We have found over the years that If you have a good CV the client will see it regardless of a visit in the UK, they understand that the time spent on the visit could be spent sourcing their candidate.
    However…..our business in New Zealand is completely different, it is a much smaller country to recruit in and EVERYTHING is done on a handshake, a Wild Bean coffee, lunch, wine and even cocktails. This has been a refresher for me, personally as a Director for 8 years, sat behind my desk. I am now back in the recruiters seat, building client relationships and I must say that I prefer to meet my clients face to face. Yes you pick up the bill, but who cares if you have won the business. One placement should cover a whole years entertainment for your client.
    Both of our businesses are successful with or without client visits, but I agree completely: Get out from behind the desk, get away from the screen and get in the room. It might just change your life.

    • Hi Kate

      First a huge apology. For some reason ( I suspect user error! ) I have only just received notification of your comment to publish on the site. Clearly not a great way to engage with someone who has taken the time and trouble to put forward much valued comment and opinion. The fact that you have taken the trouble to get involved is much appreciated. As someone who puts a great deal of value on a great first impression, this clearly isn’t one! Please I hope that you will accept my apology for what is a major oversight on my part.

      Interesting that different cultures play a huge part in client expectations and service delivery. Your point about having a “good CV and that client will see it regardless” is also interesting in so much as it is my guess that the reason you know what a great CV looks like for your client is because you have taken the time and trouble to get to know them? This inevitably would have meant getting out from behind the desk in the first place to develop the successful relationships to which you refer?

      Regardless it’s true that all sorts of models can work. I am of the view that there is massive satisfaction to be gained from the human interaction that to date technology has not been able to replicate. My sense is that’s changing. The social interaction we are able to enjoy globally means that increasingly that sense of connection is something we can enjoy from afar with the likes of Facebook.

      Congratulations on the success of Point Nine Recruitment, the result I am sure of no little blood sweat and tears. Long may it continue.

      Thanks again for getting involved and please once again accept my grovelling apology for my bad manners!

      All the best to you. Lee

  2. Site looks good, keep up the good work. Hope to see you on my own site at Thanks.

    Jared Winn

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